Meet Our Volunteers

Alex VELØCITY :: Station Manager
Alex started his radio career in college working as a DJ/Producer on WDBM East Lansing and WXOU Rochester. Alex occasionally volunteers at KFAI Minneapolis. Strange as it may seem he also did an internship at WJR Deroit in the late 90s. Alex played in an industrial band in the early 2000s and released a few CDs.
Bart SHORE :: Producer
His ubiquitous Time Warp Song of the Day is found online and on dozen of stations around the world. Mr Shore gives the story and context behind each classic record in each installment. Bart has been on air for years in the Chicago Radio market. Here’s a bio about him from the Chicago Radio Spotlight.
IXNAY RAY :: Producer / Host
Ray has been a UK DJ and podcaster for over 15 years. After noodling away with his own mixtapes for years, he joined the crew of pirate DJ’s at the much respected (now A man of few words, he prefers to let the music do the talking, though we love his accent.
koop150Koop Kooper :: Producer / Host
Koop is The Reigning King of Swank. He hails from Sydney Australia. In addition to hosting Cocktail Nation, he has an online magazine called Lounge Life. Kooper is even a published author with books on the subjects of Swank and Lounge Music.
kenKenneth VØLTA :: Announcer
Ken is the one that pops in from time to time to remind you that you are listening to BANGWAVE online radio. He is that creepy station ID voice that seems to sound more and more familiar every time you hear it. Ken also owns ad operates a trendy cafe in Flint Michigan.
samSam ATØM :: Announcer
Sam is the new guy and we give him a really hard time. He helps out with promotions and youth audience development. You’ll also hear his sexy voice on an occasional announcement.