Cocktail Nation : Evenings


When you get off work you need a little something to help you unwind. You’ve earned a nice highball to relax after a productive workday or to get the weekend started. What better way to set the mood then with the music of the Ultra-Lounge?

Groovy. Time to put on your velvet jacket and grab the ice bucket!

During this velvet hour, Koop Kooper joins us from his posh penthouse with a spectacular view of Sydney Australia. (see illustration)

He’s spinning up the best Lounge music on the planet. We’re talking Swanky Swing, Bosa Nova, Mambo, Easy Listening, Show Tunes, and Tiki Tunes.

Koop’s got the vintage LPs from the 50s and 60s as well as the soon to be classics of today. Have a swanky happy hour.

Open in a browser. Live radio does not work well thru the Facebook app. here’s help.

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