About Us


We generally do not censor out any strong language that may be part of a music recording. We do however strive to respect diversity and good taste. Content considered degrading to any class of people is off limits.

There are no official standards for radio ratings in the USA. We have created our own, based on the system used by the Motion Picture Association of America. It is not an exact science however. Ultimately taste is subjective and sometimes lyrics are misheard.


08AM » 06PM : RATED PG
06PM » 12AM : RATED PG-13
12AM » 05AM : RATED R
05AM » 08AM : RATED PG-13


BangWave Radio is a non-profit organization but is not a tax deductible charity. Volunteers who are not paid do the work for free as a hobby. No commercials are aired on the 24 hr live stream, except as a joke or in context of story telling.

We do not collect payments of any kind for commercial purposes. Donations and underwriter support are occasionally accepted. We are not selling anything. BangWave Radio in not monetizing any data stream, song or performance.

If you hear or see an advertisement, they were not presented to you by us. They were inserted by a third party such as WordPress or tunein.


The musical selections are carefully curated in an ongoing basis by experts. Our experts are recognized by their peers for their knowledge of music, technology and pop culture.

Our mission is to present material so as to educate the listener about trends in songwriting and performance without regard for the relative commercial failure or success of any given artist or song. Let the learner be as unaffected by the profit motive as possible.


In the process of delivering on our mission to educate, we prefer to do so in a variable format with plenty of space for artistic expression. By being commercial free and independent we are free to experiment with format and presentation thus elevating broadcasting to a high-concept art form.

As with any amature operation, variances in sound quality may be evident. Generally we try to present the highest fidelity available. We take steps on the back end to improve the audio fidelity. On occasion audio fidelity may be reduced due to limitations with availability or the condition of your internet connection and/or your hardware.

We expect our listeners to tune in for reference purposes and not for the purpose of redistribution of any kind. We actively encourage our listeners to buy copies of the music they hear streaming on our station. Links to online retailers are included in our web player in real time.

If you feel that we should not be broadcasting any particular artist or title for any reason, please send inform our staff by submitting this form.