New Order : Power, Corruption & Lies


Today, back in 1983 New Order released their Second Studio album ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’

New Order’s second album, Power, Corruption & Lies, was named after the graffiti Gerhard Richter spraypainted on the exterior of the Kunsthalle during an exhibition in 1981.  The cover is a reproduction of the painting “A Basket of Roses” by French artist Henri Fantin-Latour, expertly chosen by the Factory Records Graphic Designer Peter Saville.

Heralded by the electronic sound that had been born of the late Ian Curtis’ introduction of Kraftwerk to his widowed bandmates, 1981’s Post-Joy Division album ‘Movement’continued to introduce more synthesizers to the compositions.  However—’Power, Corruption & Lies’ was the first LP (after several excellent electronic singles such as “Everything’s Gone Green”, ”Temptation”, and “Blue Monday”) to fully embrace the band’s new incarnation as New Order—and solidify Bernard Sumner as the new front-man.

In contrast, to the singles “Blue Monday” and “Confusion”, which were released around the same time in 1983, the electronic songs on ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’  have a slightly slower tempo, as if to partition them for home listening. This is evident on tracks such as the fantastic “Your Silent Face”, “Ultraviolence”, and “The Village”.

Despite all of this, However—The best song on the record is definitely the classic Post-Punk opener: The whirling jangle-pop of “Age of Consent”.

Interesting fact: Peter Saville‘s design for the album had a colour-based code to represent the band’s name and the title of the album, The decoder for the code was featured prominently on the album’s  back cover of and can also be used for the “Blue Monday” and “Confusion” singles and for Section 25‘s album From the Hip (which was also produced by Sumner under New Order’s Be Music pseudonym).

And here is the terrible Sunkist Commercial

[ review by Post-Punk ]

Alternative Dance, College Rock, Dance-Rock, Post-Disco, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

Exciting, Rousing, Sparkling, Cathartic, Quirky, Urgent, Ironic, Literate, Reserved, Witty, Bittersweet, Ethereal, Meloncholy

Track List

  1. Age of Consent
  2. We All Stand
  3. The Village
  4. 586
  5. Blue Monday
  6. Your Silent Face
  7. Ultraviolence
  8. Ecstasy
  9. Leave Me alone
  10. The Beach
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