Karl Bartos : Communication : Super RARE


This CD was never released in the USA. Karl Bartos is a former member of kraftwerk. This is his 2003 solo work, and it sounds like a lost kraftwerk album. The only was to get this CD is to find a used copy. It was released only in the UK and in Japan only in limited numbers.

Check out the reviews on Amazon.com below. The fans are mad about it!



>Karl has, over the last 10 years, been able to express his individual musical talent through solo and coproduced albums, rather than have his skillful, clever and slightly cynical musica creations placed over the tall-standing umbrella of Kraftwerk.

Following up from his albums released under the band name of Elektric Music/Electric Music, Karl has graced us with an album full of groaning, throaty bassy synthesizer tracks, combined with funky pop songs and effects laden musical journeys. His (somewhat overused) vocoder thrusts out lyrics related to the premises of communication, with tracks such as Im The Message, Im The Camera and Ultraviolet sending a slightly disguised and quite funny message about modern society and its use of communication such as means as advertisments, photographs, ect.

I wont compare Karl’s music to Kraftwerk as much as many people do, but you can certainly feel the underlying precision and simple but catchy tunes that tends to be very valuable to the structure of Kraftwerk’s music.

If you enjoy electronica, or simply would like to hear what a great master of electronic music can produce, dont give Communication a miss! And if you enjoy this album, make sure you take a look at Karl’s earlier effort, Esperanto (under the title of Elektric Music) as these two albums are quite similar in style, although i feel that Communication has a better level of refinment and focus.  Dont deprive yourself and order a copy of Communication now!  – Robert Charter on January 18, 2004



Karl Bartos, best known for his role in german mensch machine Kraftwerk, issued this album, ‘Communication’ which can be called enough nice to draw attention of electro lovers. This opus demonstrates clearly that Karl was not that far from Kraftwerk studio processes as Ralf Hutter tried to show. But he’s definitely ex-Kraftwerk, he understands the spirit of late 70s electronic music and delivered it to the 00s. Thus, as you can probably imagine, the album sounds a bit outdated but only a bit, on the other side it is a balsam for all Krfatwerk admirers. You should also buy Kraftwerk’s ‘Tour De France Soundtracks’ just to make a comparison between real Kraftwerk and what sometimes was a part of it. – Fantozzi on October 2, 2003



I have always been a Kraftwerk fan and this album is probably one my favorites ever! I like it because every track is dancable and catchy and sticks in your head. The vocals are mostly robotic, but on the ones where Karl sings, it reminds me of his other side project from several years back called Elektric Music. If you missed that one, I highly recommend it too! Kraftwerk fans will not be disappointed. I think this is the worth every penny of the import price! Who knows if it will ever be domestic, but I wouldn’t wait if I were you. –  kittyfan on November 6, 2003



Wow, this is what the last Kraftwerk cd should have been. You can really see who had the talent in Kraftwerk. Nice upbeat songs, cool use of vocoders, great bass and synth lines. Think “Man Machine” meets “Computer World” and you are almost there. Yeah, it is that good. Totally impressed with this release. Karl had a good release with “Esperanto” a few years back, but this blows that away with ease. Buy it!! – unsigned



Just as Kraftwerk were readying their first album in twenty years (“Tour De France Soundtracks), Karl Bartos released his first “official” solo album, Communication. Ask most Kraftwerk fans which album sounds more like classic Kraftwerk, the answer is, maybe not surprisingly, the Karl Bartos release.

Bartos is a classically trained percussionist who played electronic drums in Kraftwerk, but he also received songwriting credit on some of Kraftwerk’s most enduring compositions. Listening to “Communication” and “Tour De France Soundtracks” side by side, it doesn’t take a genius to see Bartos was the man behind the beautiful melodies of “Neon Lights”, “Computer World”, “Computer Love”, “Tour De France”, and “The Model,” and I speculate he also wrote the lead synth melody of “Europe Endless” (although he doesn’t receive a writing credit).

And melody is why this album succeeds: “Communication” is loaded with beautiful melodies and some great singing from Bartos. It’s unfortunate that he let the “computer voice” (it’s not a vocoder!) sing so much on this album, as he’s got a very enjoyable voice. Hopefully he’ll sing more on his next release… Steven LeBeau on February 23, 2007


Track list (favorites in bold)

  1. Camera
  2. I’m The Message
  3. 15 Minutes Of Fame
  4. Reality
  5. Electronic Apeman
  6. Life
  7. Cyberspace
  8. Interview
  9. Ultraviolet
  10. Another Reality

Release Date : 2003

Album Moods
Mechanical, Cynical, Nihilistic, Technical, Electronic, Space Age, Futuristic, Artificial, Opinionated, Intelligent, Groovy, Funky, Dancy, Dark, Humorous

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