Delete. Delete. I. Eat. Meat.


We could hardly resist the poetic justice. This album was practically born a classic. New Wave Western Industrial Synth Pop. This album is a harmonious patchwork of all of these influences.

Delete. Delete. I. Eat. Meat. opens up sounding like Marilyn Manson with “Candy River”. One doesn’t know what to expect next.Then it’s a mechanical Latin beat set to a Gothic horror synth. We are invited to “Shoot ’em down”.

Next we get a guitar and piano jam sounding like retro surf rock but with loud drums. I guess it feels like the “Edge of Town”.

Then the duo morphs into something different again showing off keyboard skills but not saying much musically with “Silver City”. Suddenly it’s the 80s again! Time to “Cause a Scene”. It reminds me of songs like “Sex” and “The Metro” by Berlin. “Black Box” is pretty much skippible. But the skip lands you on a shit kicker, “Rich Man”. The might as well be talking to Donald Trump. It’s class warfare as a video game but with a hopeful and spiritual vibe.

Sounding more like Bauhaus the album takes us to the NYC goth clubs of the 80s with “Over Again”. But the “Best Won’t Do” for some of us. It’s kind of sad synthpop ballad similar to early Erasure. And just when you think the album is over, we are taken on a “Victory Lap”. It’s listenable but not 10 minutes worth.

The album is a solid four stars. Sometimes a few shortcoming makes the whole better if not more real. – review by Alex Velocity

Track List (favorites in bold)

  1. Candy Rider
  2. Shoot ‘Em Down
  3. Edge of Town
  4. Silver City
  5. Cause a Scene
  6. Black Box
  7. Rich Man
  8. Over Again
  9. Best Won’t Do
  10. Victory Lap

Album Moods
Ambitious, Brash, Detached, Dramatic, Eccentric, Energetic, Quirky, Rambunctious, Raucous, Atmospheric, Confrontational, Street-Smart, Trippy, Outrageous, Playful, Urgent


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