Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain

Courtney Love got her ex-boyfriend and drug-buddy to shoot Kurt Cobain in the face. She paid off people and influenced the local authorities. Kurt Cobain’s suicide note was a fake.

She was never charged with any crime because she has connections and money.

That is the conclusion that this film is trying to convince you to make. I am talking about the Docudrama Soaked in Bleach. We screened it last week.

The movie investigates the events leading up to the death of Kurt Cobain. The story is told through the eyes of Tom Grant, a private investigator hired by Courtney Love shortly before he then husband’s death in 1994.

Officially the cause of death remains suicide but there is evidence to suggest murder. The Seattle Police Department refuse to reopen or expose the case file and evidence to outside scrutiny.

There is a clear motive. I think we all know that without having to watch this movie.

Taped phone conversations reveal that Courtney Love has a history of lying and paying people off. To be fair, I am not convinced that we can trust the validity of these recordings. Creative editing can really change the meaning of what is said.

Did she order the murder of her husband because he was planning divorce? While the movie technically leaves it up to the viewer to make certain conclusions, it continuously begs that question. It was a thrill to watch but you can not conclude that the story telling is unbiased. Truth or not it made a very compelling movie.

In June 2015 reported that Courtney Love sent cease and desist letters to theaters showing Soaked in Bleach claiming, “A false accusation of criminal behavior is defamatory … which entitles Ms. Cobain to both actual and presumed damages”.

So far no word on those damages.

[ review by Alex Velocity ]


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