Devo’s 2010 Concert at The Zoo


The hottest show I went to in 2010 would have to be Devo. The photo above is a quick shot I got from my phone. Technically the crowd was forbidden from having cameras. We were to surrender them at the gate. OOPS!

This show seemed like a possible once in a lifetime opportunity, so there was no way I was going to miss it. The tickets were midrange in cost and we got good seats!

I have to hand it to Devo. After being mostly inactive for more than a decade, they pulled it together like true professionals. Not only are they talented and provocative but they have one hell of a work ethic.

They don’t just entertain the crowd with outrageous antics, video, lyrics and instrumentation, they challenge them. Devo wants you to know that mankind is at risk of de-evolution. Many of their songs fit into this theme, and many are purely avant garde.

The show was pure amazement. I was never board. The crowd never sat down in their seats once. For the entire two hour concert, everyone stayed on their feet! The crowd was multicultural and mixed with a slight bent toward nerds and art-hounds.

Devo did at least 3 costume changes and wore several masks. There was a large video screen behind them and the video program was perfect. Everything was perfectly timed to match the lyrics and the feel of the music. The band played flawlessly, and you can tell that most of it (if not all) was not on a pre-recorded backing track. The drummer was cool and dorky at the same time, which an odd head movement when he gets in the groove. It seemed like a perfect fit.

They played most of their best hits from the 80s such as Whip it and my Favorite, Smart Patrol. And they played lots of stuff from the new CD, Something for Everybody. The new CD is a MUST HAVE. I love how cynical they were in putting it together, asking fans (aka “spuds”) to vote and give opinions on as to which tracks to keep and which to chuck.

Here are some videos I found from the tour. It looks like the guy who took them had an Ok from the band.

[ review by Alex Velocity ]

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