Ten Best Industrial Bands of All Time

redMany have tried to write this list. And lately a few attempts have shown up in my social media feeds. The web is filled with best of lists of all kinds these days.

After encountering a few I knew I had to chime in with a list from BangWave. I seriously need to set the record straight here because a lot of the lists I’ve seen online lately are way off base.

Of course music is art and art is subjective but I feel like I am in a good position given my history with the genre to take a crack at it.

I am ranking them by amount of output multiplied by level of accomplishment in the entire body of work of each band/artist. Here we go.

Please don’t shoot me or send death threats because you disagree with me! But don’t hold back any comments either!  [ article by Alex Velocity ]

10: SPK

09: Laibach

08: Front 242

07: Einstuerzende Neubauten


05: Nitzer Ebb

04: Ministry

03: Front Line Assembly

02: Skinny Puppy

01: Nine Inch Nails


Honorable Mention

Saving the first for last. This last band is actually responsible for the term Industrial Music. The reason they did not make the cut for this list is that all of the other bands had a more impressive body of work as a whole. While many are astonished that they didn’t make this top 10, I still respect and recommend that you check them out.

C: Throbbing Gristle

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