The Cure : Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me


At the start of their career, The Cure albums were comprised mostly of short post-punk pop. Then their albums began to move into epic gothic dirge territory. With 1985’s Head On The Door, they returned to a more simple pop (in the best sense of the word).

Then in 1987 Robert Smith and the gang were finally able to merge those two elements into a cohesive whole. Both artfully complex and hook-laden enough for the casual listener to catch on. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me was the mainstream world’s introduction to The Cure as they finally cracked the American Top 40 with lead single “Just Like Heaven”.

While previous albums had quite dreary lyrics of anguish and despair, by the mid-80s, thanks to increasing input from the other band members, a bit of sunlight was starting to pierce the gloom. A trend that continues here, and for a few more albums before a return to darker material began near the end of their career.

A double-vinyl LP, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss me clocks in at over 72 minutes yet never seems to out-stay its welcome. And with each repeated play, the listener gets drawn deeper into the mind of Robert Smith. In two more years, they would conquer the world both artistically and commercially, but Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me is an essential step toward that pinnacle.

[ review by Tom Stark ]

Track List: (favorites in bold)

  1. The Kiss
  2. Catch
  3. Torture
  4. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
  5. Why Can’t I Be You?
  6. How Beautiful You Are…
  7. The Snakepit
  8. Hey You!
  9. Just Like Heaven
  10. All I Want
  11. Hot Hot Hot!
  12. One More Time
  13. Like Cockatoos
  14. Icing Sugar
  15. The Perfect Girl
  16. A Thousand Hours
  17. Shiver And Shake
  18. Fight

Album Moods
Dramatic Intense Amiable/Good-Natured Cathartic Detached Gloomy Melancholy Nocturnal Passionate Playful Sad Somber Stylish Wistful


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